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    Which variety is suitable for my purposes?
    Learn more about our varieties of Paulownia, Goji Berry, Berries and Rootstocks and the opportunities, that they can offer.
    How much do I need?
    Paulownia for timber production should be planted with a density of 500-600 plants per ha and for biomass the density is 3000-3300 plants/ha. For more information here.
    Goji Berry should be planted with a density of about 3000 plants/ha, depending on the selected spacing. For more information here.
    When to make your order?
    Orders are accepted all year long, but to ensure seedlings for spring planting, you should make your orders no later than December the previous year.
    What else should I know before I start?
    To create an effective plantation and to be most useful, start with a soil analysis and research opportunities for irrigation.
  • How to order?

    For customers in Bulgaria
    Make your request using the online form below. If you need advice or would like to contact us, email us or contact us by phone.
    For customers from abroad or creating plantations outside the country
    Our products outside the country are available from local distributors. Find your local distributor or contact us if you need help.

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