We offer to our clients different varieties of hybrid cultivarsof Paulownia, with improved growth characteristics and suitable for different climate zones. Each of the hybrid cultivars suits different commercial applications – quality timber and biomass

The cultivars BELLISSIA®PAULEMIA®OXI ® и T 121  are selection of the Bio tree specialists. The two varieties are already established at the market and aclaimed by the clients.



Bio tree offers extensive number of traditional and new high yield raspberry cultivars. There are cultivars dedicated for the fresh market and others for the processing sector.

These cultivars are special selection of our team of specialists – АPЕМА®, EMONА® GALA®, SHONA® and represent exclusive intelectual property of Bio tree.


Bio tree produce and sell high quality planting material of blackberry plants different cultivars.

Triple crown


Bio tree produce and sell high quality planting material of blueberry plants different cultivars.

Our special selections: Blue gold, Hannah’s choice.

Goji berry

Bio tree produce high quality planting material of two cultivars of Goji Berry JB1 and JB4.

Goji berry