Commercial growing of Goji Berry

The selected field dedicated for Goji berry plantation should be well prepared. The most appropriate terrains are those who were used for annual crops of grass. During the autumn or early in spring over the field have to be spread fertilizer (superphosphate 300-400kg/ha), potassium (150kg/ha) and manure (20t/ha), after that the field is ploughed at 30-35cm depth one month before planting.

Planting of Goji berry is performed in spring or summer. Before planting the field is leveled and marked. When develop large scale plantation cultivated with machinery the plants are planted in rows with 2-2.5m distance in between and 1.5-1.8m distance between the plants in the rows. For small plantations with hand cultivation the distances between the rows are up to 1.5m and 1m between the plants. The planting is made in holes, wide enough to place easily the plant roots. The young seedlings are carefully removed from the container taking care not to disturb the root system. The plant is placed in a small handmade hole. Take care not to place the plat deeper than it was in the container. After planting the soil is well pressed and watered with 3-4 liters each. To avoid fast water evaporation covers the area with dry soil or use foil. After planting the soil between the rows is well pressed and we recommend using small cultivator to make it friable. During drought the young plantation is watered additional 1-2 times in summer.