Scope III

Selection of new cultivars with valuable commercial characteristics

The main direction of our research activities is to select new clones of woody and plant species with superior qualities and wider areas of distribution. cultivars new clones cultivars

During 2012 we have finalized the work on selection of three new hybrids of Paulownia, which are protected under the Patent authority of Republic of Bulgaria.

Their certificates for new plant variety already have cv BELLISSIA®, cv OXI® and PAULEMIA®:

Due to the huge interest in Goji berry, and with the aim to achieve better taste and growth characteristics of the current cultivars.During 2013 we have finished the selection of 4 new varieties of Goji berry: JB1, JB2, JB4 and JBX.

The new cultivars JB1® and JB4® are already officially recognized under the Patent authority of Republic of Bulgaria and become part of the Bulgarian Official plant variety list. They are exclusive intellectual property of BIO TREE ltd.

  • Certificate № 11085/04.07.2016 – cv JB1®
  • Certificate № 11086/04.07.2016 – cv JB4®