The BIO TREE Company was established in 2008. The main activities are development of highly effective technologies for in vitro propagation of valuable fast growing trees and their commercial application and maintenance of gene bank of elite planting material.

BIO TREE Ltd is situated in the west industrial zone of Sofia. The laboratory has contemporary phytostatic chambers with automatic light and temperature control, labs for growth medium preparation and experimental work; laminar air flow boxes; service rooms for medium sterilization and modern acclimatization section with automatically controlled heated tables. We also have 4000sq.m. of glass greenhouses.

We produce high quality planting material from different species by in vitro propagation. Before entering the market, planting material pass through selection in controlled conditions that ensure its fast development later.

For a short period of time BIO TREE developed several new technologies for in vitro propagation of different plant species, some of them protected as intellectual property of BIO TREE under the Patent authorities of Bulgaria.