Bio tree produce and sell high quality planting material of blueberry plants different cultivars.

The blueberry planting material are made only by in vitro technology and have a number of advantages over conventional plants. You can get more information about the benefits of planting material produced by tissue cultures (ìn vitro method) here.

Vaccinium myrtillus L

Blue gold

Blue gold is a high yield variety of blueberries with superior quality. The variety fruits in the middle of the season. The fruits are very firm, aromatic and of the same size. Because of their high density, the fruits are often squeezed from the sideways.

During their mature ripening, the blueberries are suitable for both manual and machine harvesting.

The variety is cold-resistant. It is used both for fresh fruit and for processing. The blueberry bush is tall and hardened.

It is recommended to be grow in acidic soils.

Hannah’s choice

Hannah’s choice is one of the sweetest varieties of blueberries. Its fruits are medium in size and very firm, which contributes to their extremely long shelf life after harvest.

The variety is early, resistant to low temperatures. The plants are upright, medium tall. Root system is shallow and should be heavy mulched.

Blueberries grow well in acidic soils with a pH range of 4.5-5.0

Hannah's choice