Intellectual Property

Bio tree conducts active research and development in the field of in vitro plant biotechnologies. The company experts are actively working in the field of development and implementation in mass production of innovative in vitro technological protocols for the production of planting material of plants with wide economic application. For its short period of existence, in just a few years in Bio tree as a result of active research and development several projects have been successfully completed and innovative technologies for in vitro propagation of various plant species have been developed. These are significant company contribution in plant biotechnology and the modern agriculture. in vitro varieties plant

The main emphasis in company development strategy is the selection activies. For this short period of Bio tree existence a number of new plant varieties of different species have been selected. These developments are protected by patent certificates and certificates for new varieties as intellectual property of the Bio Tree compny in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. in vitro varieties plant

BELLISSIA®, OXI® and PAULEMIA® have already received their certificates for new paulownia varieties.

The goji berry varieties JB1® and JB4® are now officially recognized as new goji berry varieties and posess certificates from the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In the process of DUS testing are three new varieties of raspberries APEMA, EMONA, GALA and one new variety of  cherry rootstock PASY.  The new candidate varieties have been submitted to Executive Agency for variety testing, field inspection and seed control, Ministry of Agriculture and food.