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History of Goji Berry

Healing properties of plant Lycium barbarum /Goji Berry/ are well-known for millennia in China. Ancient medicine book “Tractate for herbs and their properties” took a special attention to Goji Berry `s plant. It is written that its fruits restore the depots of body liquids, calms the soil, revitalize the skin and strengthen the vision. In another Chinese classic book “Herbs and food healing” is written that the Goji strengthen the muscles and tendons, protects from illness and lead to long living.

The poet Liu Juncy from the Tan dynasty (618-907) praises the herb miracle effects in a poem for Goji. It is written that even the water from the well close to the plants could help the people to reach long living. One of the most famous phyto-therapists and healers in Chinese history, Li Shudjun, in his famous work “Foundations of Pharmacopedia” from 1578 mentioned, that the people from the village Nanchu has the habit to eat Goji fruits and almost all of them are centenarians.

In fact, the Goji Berry fruits contribute not only to long living but often is linked to the beauty. In the past the young girls from the famous families drink tea from Goji in order to look younger and more beautiful. The men in China also use Goji to strengthen their sexual vitality. There is an old saying in China: “A man who is leaving on a long way far from home, should not take Goji with him.”