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Aplication of Goji Berry fruits

Goji Berry fruits poses superior medicinal properties. They gave ensures the struggle with number of illnesses like cancer, aging, hypertonia, low limb blood flow, poor eyesight, potency and decrease immune system.

Main characteristics of ”Goji Berry” fruits could be summarized in following groups:

  • Reduce aging;
  • Protects liver from damage;
  • Improves eye vision and protects from cataracta;
  • Improves the legs blood supply;
  • Support the immune system;
  • Improves the elasticity of cardiovascular system;
  • Aphrodisiac.

Goji Berry fruits a well-known as the strongest food supplement against aging in the world. The fruits a rich in many substances among which:

  • 18 amino acids (6 times more than the bee collected pollen);
  • 21 mineral substances (potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium and others);
  • 29 types of oil acids;
  • 6 main vitamins: С (5 five times more than what is in oranges), В1, В2, В6, Е, provit А , more than in carrot;
  • polysaccharides;
  • pigments;
  • phenolic compounds and ect.
Goji Berry fruits

The antioxidants that contains Goji berry eliminates the free radicals in the organism, toxins, heavy metals, minimize the growth of cancer cells, lowered the blood sugar level and cholesterol, protect the organism from viruses and bacteria and improves the immune system.

Betaine that contains Goji Berry protects the cells and tissues from dehydration and osmotic inactivation, maintain the good condition of kidneys, liver and heart. The carotenoid has a positive effect over the human vision.

Goji Berry fruits

Zeaksantine (another carotenoide) that Goji contains protects the retina; absorb part of the light spectrum and reduce the risk from developing retina degeneration.
Polysaccharides in the Goji Berry fruits stops the growth of cancer cells by suppressing the oxidation of fat acids in liver cell.

Laboratory research shows that the Goji fruits increase the level of white blood cells in the organism, and protects the cell aging.

Other diseases and illness conditions where Goji Berry has a positive effect are: condition of fatigue, tiredness, headache, high blood pressure, ear sound, anemia, insomnia, impotency, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, ache in knees and waist, regulates the metabolism (normalize the weight). Reasons for the high popularity of Goji berry during the last years are tits inclusion in many diets for healthy nutrition. At first Goji Berry became popular in Europe but now it is famous in USA and worldwide.

There is a huge commercial interest in Goji worldwide. Investments for billions are made for rowing, preserving, processing, packing and distribution of Goji. The commercial interest is available to any type of products on the base of Goji Berry. (Dry fruits, juice, extracts, snack and others)