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Successful plantations of Paulownia Bellissia in Serbia

Paulownia Bellissia in Serbia

Plantations of Paulownia Bellissia® in Serbia:

The Paulownia plantations of Bellissia in Serbia have been realized by the company “A&S UNION” on their unique technology for cultivation. “A&S UNION” is exclusive representative of Bio tree for Serbia of planting material for Goji berry and Paulownia. It specializes in developing effective technologies for the improvement of agriculture of horticulture and forestry, as well as technologies for organic and conventional growing of vegetables, learning about organic farming, advices related to mulching, irrigation systems and others.

The company has developed original technologies for organic cultivation of Goji berry and cultivation of Paulownia for timber production. “A&S UNION” provides its customers with free know-how for the creation and management of plantations.

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