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The selection of two new raspberry varieties is finished

Bio tree has accomplished the selection of two new primocane raspberry varieties – APEMA and EMONA. The Bio tree provided to Bulgarian Executive agency for variety testing, field inspection and seed control (IASAS) raspberry planting material of the APEMA and EMONA candidate varieties for the purpose perform substantive examination for distinctiveness, homogeneity and stability on the basis of which the Patent Authorities issued a certificate of legal protection. Both varieties are specially selected for intensive cultivation and are suitable for the fresh market.

APEMA and EMONA varieties have excellent characteristics that provide a number of advantages over other traditionally grown varieties. They are a great alternative when choosing to establish new plantation.

Some distinctive advantages are:

APEMA – primocane variety, highly yielded, excellent taste, very large up to 10g, ripping period August – November

EMONA – primocane variety, highly yielded, ripping period August – November and June – July, the berries are very large with pink to pale der color and exceptional shelf life.

More information could be found here.