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Bio tree with Patent for invention


Bio Tree Ltd. has obtained the registration of its patent for the invention of the “Method for extensive in vitro propagation of Paulownia plants” from the Patent Authorities. The patent for invention will take effect from the date of 21.03.2011 or 9 years after the Bio Tree application. Paulownia

This becomes possible after successfully completing several years of substantive examination from the Patent Authorities experts of the inventive method application. By recognizing the uniqueness of the Bio tree technology for propagation of Paulownia by tissue cultures (in vitro technology), we are contributing to the development of modern agriculture and plant biotechnology. This scientific achievement confirms our role as a leader in producing high quality planting material for Paulownia in Eastern Europe.

The awarded patent is further evidence of our commitment from the selection stage through the production of elite plants to the marketing of our hybrid Paulownia cultivars as a renewable source for the production of high quality timber and biomass.