Student programmes

The student training program is part of our philosophy to support the professional development of future experts.

As a responsible employer, Bio tree gave the opportunity to young specialist without experience to start their careers in the company.

Our student programs are not based on occasional campaigns. They are diverse and flexible according the time opportunities of the candidates and the program purposes.

In our training programs we include whole year student practices for bachelors and masters and summer trainings for bachelors, masters and PhD students.

For the time spent in our company the students become part of our team. Their knowledge in plant biotechnology is evaluated and they are placed in real production environment. Each training and summer practice has individual program for the student to master practical knowledge and abilities.

Since 2010 our company accepts students for practices and 2-3 months summer trainings. We observe an increasing interest in our student trainings not only from Bulgarian students but also from international students under the program ERASMUS.